Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Total Fail + Crits

Yay for more fail. First 3, Jerad mentioned more anatomy and refinement. Drawing through my form and establishing the gestures before that. Also told me to stop toon shading and being stylized. I also missed a lot of good opportunities on my first drawing when I went color.

As for the painting, Jackson mentioned how to light it when he did a PO, pretty much to show players a focus in my paintings. Things you usually want players to focus on are lit, and he talked about cinematic and theatrical lighting and how it guides the eyes. I also need more saturation in the piece.
As for quality, more colors and details. It's not just gold for the statue, green for the plants, etc. Stuff in life is more vibrant, they catch light from all directions, such as blue from the sky, yellow sun, green filtered when it passes through plants. Jackson also mentioned that things are rarely perfect, people don't use perfectly painted beige huge stone slabs without a crack in them.
His advice to me was to study life and find the varieties in it. Then we talked about the different types of lighting.

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